Mühendislik ve Doğa Bilimleri Fakültesi, Üniversite Cad., Orta Mah., 34956, Tuzla, İSTANBUL

Contact Information

Call: +90 216 483 9000

Email: alirana.atilgan [at]

Ali Rana Atılgan

Biological Physics and Systems Sciences.

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences,
Sabancı University, Istanbul, Turkey

Current Research Activities:

We identify molecular interactions and trace their communication pathways on different time and length scales. We ferret out the relationships between local motifs and global patterns in complex networks with arbitrary degree distributions. These activities find technological applications in devising molecular machines and system identification tools.  For more information about my research, click here.

Selected Recent Publications  

  • M. S. Manna, Y. T. Tamer, I. Gaszek, N. Poulides, A. Ahmed, X. Wang, F. C. R. Toprak, D. R. Woodard, A. Y. Koh, N. S. Williams, D. Borek, A. R. Atilgan, J. D. Hulleman, C. Atilgan, U. Tambar, and E. Toprak,A trimethoprim derivative impedes antibiotic resistance evolution,” Nature Communications, Vol. 12, 2021, 2249/1-10. [LINK]
  • Guclu, T. F., A. R. Atilgan, and C. Atilgan, “Dynamic Community Composition Unravels Allosteric Communication in PDZ,” The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, Vol. 125 (9), 2021, pp. 2266 – 2276. [LINK]
  • Guclu, T. F., N. Kocatug, A. R. Atilgan, and C. Atilgan, “N-Terminus of the Third PDZ Domain of PSD-95 Orchestrates Allosteric Communication for Selective Ligand Binding ,” Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, Vol. 61 (1), 2021, pp. 347 – 357. [LINK]
  • Abdizadeh, H., F. Jalalypour, A. R. Atilgan, and C. Atilgan, “A coarse-grained methodolody identifies intrinsic mechanisms that dissociate interacting protein pairs,” Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences, Vol. 7, 210, 2020, pp. 1 – 18. [LINK]
  • Tamer, Y. T., I. K. Gaszek, H. Abdizadeh, T. Bature, K. Reynolds, A. R. Atilgan, C. Atilgan, and E. Toprak, “High-order epistasis in catalytic power of dihydrofolate reductase gives rise to a rugged fitness landscape in the presence of trimethoprim selection,” Molecular Biology and Evolution, Vol. 36 (7), 2019, pp. 1533 – 1550. [LINK]
  • Ross, C. J., B. Nizami, M. Glenister, O. S. Amamuddy, A. R. Atilgan, C. Atilgan, and O. T. Bishop, “MODE-TASK: Large-scale Protein Motion Tools,” Bioinformatics, Vol. 34 (21), 2018, pp. 3759 – 3763. [LINK] 
  • Ross, C. J., A. R. Atilgan, O. T. Bishop, and C. Atilgan, “Unraveling the Motions behind Enterovirus 71 Uncoating,” Biophysical Journal, Vol. 114(4), 2018, pp. 822 – 838. [LINK] Also find a [movie] visualizing first non-degenerate mode of pentamer complex, which is the minimal functional unit explaining virus deformations.
  • Ozbaykal, G., A. R. Atilgan, and C. Atilgan, “In Silico Mutational Studies of Hsp70 Disclose Sites with Distinct Functional Attributes,” Proteins: Structure, Function, Bioinformatics, Vol. 83, No. 11 [Cover Image] 2015, pp. 2077 – 2090. [LINK]
  • Atilgan, C., O. B. Okan, and A. R. Atilgan, “Network-based Models as Tools Hinting at Non-evident Protein Functionality,” Annual Review of Biophysics, Vol. 41, 2012, pp. 205 – 225. [LINK]


  1. 1984


    Aeronautical Engineering, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul.
  2. 1987


    Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia.
  3. 1989


    Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia.

Professional Appointments

  1. Feb 2006 - Present
    School of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Sabanci University, Istanbul
  2. Feb 2002 - Present
    Financial Engineering Program, Bogazici University, Istanbul
  3. Jan 2007 - Present
    Adjunct Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Bogazici University, Istanbul
  4. Aug 1993 - Feb 2006
    Department of Civil Engineering, Bogazici University, Istanbul
  5. May 1991 - Aug 1993
    Department of Civil Engineering, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul
  6. Sep 1989 - Mar 1991
    School of Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia