National HPC Competence Center

The European High Performance Computer Joint Undertaking (EuroHPC JU), of which TÜBİTAK is a participant member, was launched in 2018 to support and develop Europe-wide High Performance Computing (HPC) studies in the field of infrastructure and technology.

In this context, the EuroCC Project, supported in the EuroHPC-04-2019 call, which aims to establish HPC Competence Centers in Europe, started as of September 1, 2020.  The EuroCC project aims to establish a single National Competence Centre (NCC) in the area of high-performance computing for each participated country. TUBITAK ULAKBIM as the Partner of EuroCC will coordinate NCC activities to create application or product-based collaboration between academia and industry for HPC solutions at material science, molecular dynamics, bioinformatics, fluid dynamics, machine learning and, artificial intelligence. Turkish NCC will provide the needed platform; create awareness on HPC ecosystem; mature the competencies; align through EuroHPC environment. As the Third-Parties of EuroCC, Middle East Technical University, and Sabancı University will share with us their HPC expertise through the dedicated training events, schools and, consultancies. The NCC activities will be supported for two years and funded 2 M Euros %50 EU H2020 contribution.

The EuroCC project aims to increase competency in high-performance computing (HPC) in the industry. Within the project, in addition to offering workshops that are freely available to both participants from academia and industry, we partner with companies in specific case studies. For example, we work with a bank that uses machine learning on massive data and a glass company that uses computer-aided engineering solutions. These projects will showcase how HPC competency can help the compute-intensive industries to innovate faster and arrive at better-performing models and solutions.” Dr. Oznur Tastan from computeSU.